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President & C.E.O.

Carolyn S. Freeman MHS
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Carolyn Freeman is a native New Yorker and has worked in the fields of education and the human service field for more than 20 years. In December of 1999, she moved from New York to Fort Washington Maryland. She earned her Master’s degree in 2005 at Lincoln University in the state of Pennsylvania. While employed over the years, she welcomed challenges with confidence, quality and efficiency. She is a visionary and a collaborator. Carolyn is also a bright and detailed oriented person with an adaptive leadership style. She has a deep compassion for women and children.


Carolyn has an extensive history with military veterans. Her late husband William E. Freeman was a military veteran and served in Desert Storm. Her father served in Vietnam, Grandfather, aunts, cousins and 1 sibling all served in active duty. Carolyn’s mission is to unify and strengthen women veterans and their families who struggles with disabilities, homelessness, mental health (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and domestic violence issues. Her professional level throughout the years have allowed her to assist and utilize interventions to help individuals who are in transition to improve the quality of their lives. Her professional work experience has led her to counsel and facilitate HIV peer groups, parenting classes, drug education and relapse prevention groups.


Carolyn has provided services for several different populations such as Children in special education and foster care. substance abuse, HIV/AIDs, disabilities, and domestic violence. Carolyn has also facilitated conflict resolution groups, peer mediation groups, and conducted individual counseling sessions. On a personal level Carolyn understands the dark pitfalls of drugs and alcohol addiction, mental health issues,[MT1] domestic violence and homelessness. She also knows the struggles of being a single parent. Carolyn’s own experiences is what led to her life’s purpose to give other women with children encouraging hope.

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